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Christina Vlasova

Christina Vlasova

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  • Skype: dervishashirin
  • Адрес (www): Narodnogo Opolcheniya st., 37-1-63, Moscow, Russia

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Christina Vlasova

This is my amiable welcome to all the exceptionally lovely people with a zest to learn the Russian language! My name is Christina, I welcome you to my profile. I have a degree in English philology, Russian is my mother-tongue and I've tutored and taught since 2006. Moreover, I am myself a studing buff so I have French, Spanish and Turkish to back me up steadily. This year I've landed a Russian as a Second language course to help my foreigh friends to make bold moves towards learning or mastering their Russian language skills. I engage for amusing and meaty classes full of interaction, difference and fun! Get in touch with me via Skype or mail. Cheers and see you at the classes!

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