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Ушакова Надежда

Ушакова Надежда

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Ушакова Надежда

Hello. My name is Nadezhda. I am 25 years old. I live in Sevastopol.

I am eager to teach you to speak my native language. It is all because I have a passion for them and I want to share it with you, my student.
I am a creative person - I like to read and create stories.

I have a master degree in philology (Sevastopol City Humanitarian University) and a certificate of teaching Russian as Foreign language (Lomonosov Moscow State University).

I offer individual lessons for kids and adults in a model of personal communication to keep their motivation on a high level. My goal is to teach you Russian language using interactive methods. I can show you that Russian gramma is not that hard as it seems to be =) Because it is only a maid, tho the clever one, that helps Your Highness Communicative Competence to be at its best.

Of course I provide you with all necessary materials
Tác giả các bài viết (9)
Работа над произношением гласных, звук [ы]
Работа над произношением согласных: глухие-звонкие
Работа над произношением согласных: твердые-мягкие
Ритмика русского слова
Работа над слитностью произношения
Конструкция Это. Вопросы кто это? Что это?
Конструкции у кого есть (кто/что), у кого нет (кого/чего)
Правила употребления притяжательных местоимений
Конструкция Сколько (кому) лет? Дательный падеж

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