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Сафонов Геннадий

Сафонов Геннадий

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Сафонов Геннадий

Hello! Привет! My name is Gena. I am a teacher of Russian language. I’ve been teaching online for more than six years.
I'm a native Russian speaker and provide lessons for all levels of Russian starting with very beginner. My lessons are in English.
Russian language is really interesting, expressive and full of sense. Russian language has always been very popular. If you know Russian, you can read, for example, great novels by Tolstoy and Dostostoevsky and admire other wonderful masterpieces of Russian culture in original.
From my lessons you can get such skills as
  • reading ability
  • grammar
  • pronunciation
  • listening
  • writing
  • speaking
Russian language may seem hard, but it is just challenging.
I can help you overcame any difficulty in studding this wonderful language.
I provide personal approach and I am sure you’ll soon become a fluent Russian speaker.
До встречи на наших уроках.
See you! Пока!

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