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Hello, my name is Maria and I am a teacher of Russian language. I graduated from the Moscow State University as a teacher of Russian language for foreigners. In 2018 I graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University as a teacher of German and English languages. I have been teaching schoolchildren and adults for many years and all of them obtained good results at the exams. I like to learn and like to teach- I speak Russian, German, English and Italian languages so I will explain you all the difficulties of Russian language in a way that you will understand. You will probably agree that learning foreign languages widens your mental horizons, sharpens your brain abilities and entertains, when you see and feel on your own how other nationalities build up their pictures of the world. I will be glad to be your guide in this exiting journey. Your progress & achievements mean my qualification is beeing refined & our mutual success is getting noticable.

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