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   Hello to everyone
   My name is Evgeniya. I am a native Russian speaker and two universities graduate. 
My Education
  1. Bachelor of Arts in Russian. Qualification “Philologist. Lecturer of Russian Language and Literature. Togliatty State University.
  2. Bachelor of Arts in English. Qualification “Philologist-translator. Lecturer of English Language and Literature. University: Russian Togiatty State University.
I have been experienced teacher of Russian for foreigners since 2004 and also an English lecturer and teacher since 2002. I started to teach Russian when I moved to Malta in 2002.At first It was  a small group of bilingual kids( born from a maltese father and russian mother), some of them could hardly say a correct word in Russian.At the end of our course they started to write and read properely.So I started to teach Russian)))) 

I have skills and experience with children and adults of different nations: American , English, French, Italian,Maltese,Turkish.
I have strong desire to share passion for Russian language and culture. 
At the beginning I will appreciate using English with me. But little by little, you will start speak Russian.It wont be gibberish to you anymore.
I will be very glad to help you.

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