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Ekaterina Alberti

Ekaterina Alberti

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Ekaterina Alberti

Hi, everyone!

My name is Ekaterina, I’m 28 and I live in Saint-Petersburg.
I graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, the Institute of Foreign Languages. My major subjects were English, Japanese and methods of teaching foreign languages.

Currently my great interest is teaching my native Russian language to foreign students.
To make lessons I apply the knowledge acquired at the University, my own language-learning experience and additionally I took a course on the methods of teaching Russian as foreign.
For now I have 1,5 years of Russian teaching experience, mostly with Japanese students. However I would be happy to work with people from all over the world.

What I can offer

  • Private lessons - face to face ( if you live in Saint Petersburg) or via Skype
  • Explanations in English and Japanese, depending on your native language
  • Breath-taking travel into the depths of the Russian language and soul

A couple of words about our lessons:

* “Grammar first” approach – we learn grammar points first and after that apply them to make conversations. Don’t be scared of this! It means only that you’ll become able not only to copy the ready-made phrases, but to operate the language like Lego to express your own ideas.

* I combine various sources and books with my own ideas to add fun and effectiveness to our lessons.

* Using of Anki memory flash cards. I prepare new decks and send it to my students for their effective home work. All you need is software installed on your PC/smart phone.

* Records of dialogs and new expressions lists, which I prepare for each new topic.
For details, please feel free to contact me by e-mail, I’m always eager to answer your questions and to plan our lessons.

See you on the lesson!




  • ・ ロシア語の個人レッスン(サンクトに滞在している方の場合は、面会でレッスンを行うことができます。Skypeでのレッスンも可能です)
  • ・ご希望と目的に合わせたカリキュラム
  • ・日本語か英語での説明
  • ・ロシア語とロシアの心をちゃんと分かるようになるための楽しい冒険 ^-^


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